Entrance Automation

Entrance Automation

Contact Electrotech Pvt. Ltd., which is well-known for delivering the best entrance automation service. We offer a complete choice of smart and high-quality Entrance Automation systems like a revolving door, boom barrier, flap barrier, and Turnstiles.

All the entrance automation is RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) based. Through which that gives a modern look to the entrance.

Revolving Door

Revolving door systems have a dramatic architectural appeal, are energy efficient, and can transport a large amount of pedestrian traffic. There are a variety of finishes, diameters, door wing configurations, glazing options, sensors, and security features available.

Boom Barrier

Contact Electrotech Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of Boom Barriers. Operate 'OPEN', 'CLOSE', and 'STOP' using a three-position switch or a remote control unit. The use of a compression spring in the machine core successfully avoids accidents caused by spring breakdown.

Additional features include such as an Auto Close function, Manual Release, a Traffic Light interface, etc.

Flap Barrier

Electronic optical turnstiles with glass panels are known as flap barriers (or flaps). A pair of optical turnstile cabinets support these glass panels. The panels form a pedestrian barrier in the middle of the two cabinets. As an automatic identifying system, use IC cards, ID cards, bar codes, or magnetic cards.

Double anti-clipping function, photocell anti-clipping, mechanical anti-clipping, infrared sensors and police anti-illegal entry into pedestrian access, Bi-directional single passage, etc are some of the features of our flap barrier.


A turnstile is a type of gate that permits just one person to pass in at any particular time. Contact Electrotech Pvt. Ltd. offers turnstiles tripod and turnstiles door.


A tripod turnstile is a three-arm access control turnstile that is waist-high. With a set of rotating tripod barrier arms, tripod turnstiles limit admission to one person at a time. The most common type of turnstile has always been the half-height turnstile gate.

When verifying tickets at sports stadiums, amusement parks, university campuses, etc tripod turnstiles are a common choice. They do away with the need for entrance personnel and provide a way to count the number of people entering a building. Tripod turnstiles, which feature card readers and operate electronically, are the most common choice for subway systems and can be found on nearly all platforms.


A full-height access control turnstile with a huge rotating one-way access door is known as a turnstile door. Turnstile doors are used in place of normal doors to increase security and reduce the possibility of tailgating risk.

Turnstile doors replace normal doors in fence lines and entryways to allow only one person at a time to pass through. Construction sites, perimeter gates, data center entrances, military bases, and prisons, among other places where high-security turnstile access control is necessary, use these turnstiles.